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When my son was killed in the driveway of his rented house in Raleigh, NC in 2002, we asked for leniency for a girl we’d never known. The judge gave her an extremely thoughtful, meaningful sentence thus providing healing for both families.  A friendship was born then between her and her mother and myself. In [...]

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Teen Mom

Well my mom left me, my brother & my dad alone when we were babies. I was always angry about the situation and for some reason took it out on my dad. I felt like my dad & brother shared a bond that I didn’t have with anyone. My poor dad works 12 hour shifts [...]

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In second grade I heard the word “illegitimate” and learned that it meant someone that had no father. And I thought I was “illegitimate.” I was too young to understand what the word really meant. I wasn’t really illegitimate because my parents were married when I was conceived but my father had left us before [...]

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