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My Faith

Well, let me start by saying first thank you after the loss of my mother and my best friend in 2009, I had not been to church in a few years and I was doing my own thing even though God was telling me I was needed back in the church that I was a [...]

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God brought me back

My life on the outside looked great. I had a job, two beautiful daughters, a husband, wonderful family. On the inside I was falling apart. My husband and I liked most of the same things but there was something that I did sit back idly and let him go. He liked to visit gentleman establishments [...]

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My Courage Testimony

Today I am a senior age man with a loving, godly wife, three wonderful sons who married in the Lord, and four precious grandchildren. All are stable in their Faith. In all ways I surely am a blessed man! So please let me brag on taking courage in Jesus … the one who through His [...]

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